Erica Wheeler: inspiring connections between people and place

Can your connection with a place heal your life?

I am a sense of place speaker, educator, performer, and the creator of the Soulful Stewardship Method.

My work is grounded in the philosophy that personal, emotional connections to place inspires caring, which inspires stewardship.

I believe that having a sense-of-place can heal your life.

It is something that is deeply needed in our fast paced, mobile, transitory world today. It's something you might be yearning for without even knowing what to call it. In fact, there isn't a word in our language that really sums up this connection. I call it soulfully connecting to place.

Through trainings, seminars, keynotes and performances I help people discover their unique sense-of-place stories, memories and connections. Learn about my Soulful Stewardship Philosophy here.

Work with me

I specialize in working with parks, conservation organizations, learning centers and others whose work involves connecting people and place.

Each program is customized to enrich your local and regional and personal sense-of-place. This method works equally well in an urban or rural setting and are designed for all ages and levels of experience.
Learn more about my programs here.

Start Now! Get Soulfully Connected to Place.

Download my free e-book  "Seven Soulful Ways to Connect to Place" Seven powerful practices to connect you with your sense-of-place, no matter where you are.

Next Steps.

  • Enjoy some of my music, with songs rooted in a sense-of-place. Also available for purchase/download.
  • Explore the writings and videos on this site.
  • Attend a workshop, training or retreat. View Calendar.
  • Inquire about bringing me to speak, teach or present at your event.
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Partial Client List

  • National Association of State Park Volunteer Coordinators
  • National Park Service
  • National Association of State Park Directors
  • National Association for Interpretation
  • Land Trust Alliance
  • National Religious Partnership for the Environment
  • American Horticultural Youth and Garden Symposium
  • Social Venture Network
  • Teton Science School
  • Antioch Graduate School
  • The Thoreau Institute

Watch my TEDx Talk : To Know Who You Are, Know Where You Are

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