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Your sense of place is as unique as you are.
In our busy, modern day world, having a sense of place can be a forgotten art. It's a way of looking at the past, present and future that can help you feel more rooted, no matter where you are. It's a lens on life that can help you make sense of the world, no matter how crazy it seems.

From that sense of connection comes a creative understanding of what matters, and a desire to care for places today, and for the future. It might be a remembering of the  aliveness, creativity and wholeness that deeply knowing a place can bring.

Your "place" could be from the past or present. It might be a wilderness, or a backyard, or a city street. It might be a lens you use to view your surroundings as you journey through life.

But finding your sense of place, is like finding yourself. No matter where you are.

And that internal knowing, of our sense of place and belonging, is something that is deeply needed in our world today.

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Erica Wheeler is a visitor experience specialist; educator, speaker and performing artist who helps people discover and reawaken their sense of place connections.

Her work includes professional development training, keynotes, seminars and public programs. She has worked extensively with the National Park Service, State Parks, museums, historic sites and other settings, offering her Soulful Stewardship Method, which has proven practices to help their staff give the best visitor experiences possible. She also works directly with visitors and the public offering inspiring sense of place programs.

Erica's approach helps inspire personal connections to nature and history which leads to caring, and ultimately stewardship. Learn more about her Soulful Stewardship Philosophy & Approach Here.

Discover your sense of place stories from the past, present or future. Experience the power of place in your life.

"If you don't know where you are, you don't know who you are."
Wendell Berry

Erica is also an award-winning songwriter. Her songs are deeply rooted in a sense of place and can can help you to get and stay connected to your sense of place! Listen to her songs

Below you can hear Erica's song "Good Summer Rain" and see how it's helping to inspire land conservation in the Connecticut River Valley

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