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Youth Leadership Academy, New Bedford, MA

New Bedford YLA Find Your Park
from Nora Priest on Vimeo.

Know your Park, Know Yourself

This project was through the New Bedford Whaling National Historic Park for their YLA (Youth Leadership Academy).

Through a series of workshops, we explored ways for them to find stories and connections that were personal and site specific. They were given tools to find their voice and express their ideas in song, essay, poem, movement and talks. Knowing themselves and their place, empowered them personally, and gave them skills to help others do the same!

To empower their inner leader, this process helped them:
  • Know themselves
  • Know their places and their stories about those places
  • Find ways to communicate what they see, think, feel and know
  • Gain skills and tools to inspire others to do the same.

Note about the video: It's intentionally not not slick or scripted!  We used a down to earth process with handheld cameras and no props to keep the focus on them, the place and the discovery/learning process. It's meant to show that anyone can do this anywhere, anytime. It's youth centered--they did all the filming and spoke from the heart about what mattered to them about the places we were exploring.

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