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August 2015/ Wild Blackberries

August 2015 Wild Blackberries
Last summer we were hiking a trail that led up to the power lines. We arrived there on a day when blackberries were ripe and exploding everywhere. We promptly started gorging ourselves on the berries when it occurred to us that there were probably others who wanted these berries too. Bears.

Sure enough, just a ways up you could see evidence where the grasses were matted down, and they left the imprint of a happy bear sitting in the middle, surrounded by bushes. You could just imagine him sitting there swiping his paw and devouring plump black berries. Ah, summer. Just thinking about it makes me think we need to get back up there to the ridge this month.

Everybody needs a summer day to gorge on ripe fruit, sunshine and heat. Even with our busy lives, we need to carve out time to create memories we can hold close to our heart when the snow flies.

There's also a lot of evidence that berries are good for you and one of the foods that help ward off Parkinson's‎ and Alzheimer's (which my mother now has) so I plan to eat a lot of them, and at least create more long term good memories I can look back on.

How do you relish summer? What's your idea of a perfect summer day? Post a comment

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