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May 2013/ What Are You Doing This Summer?

May 2013 What Are You Doing This Summer
Here I am behaving myself last week with Shelton Johnson at the staff picnic at Yosemite National Park. You know him from the Ken Burn's PBS series about our National Parks, and from Oprah's Yosemite adventure. I had a fantastic time working with their staff. While there, I stayed in the "Rangers Club" featured in the documentary. I slept in the very room Stephen Mather, the first director of the National Park Service, preferred to stay in!

Yosemite is an enchanting place, even with the crowds --- full of waterfalls, butterflies, rainbows, canyon walls and light. The valley seems like a sacred cathedral to me and was really good for my heart and soul. I was so inspired by the people and the place!

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I also loved my time with the Sonoma Land Trust. Those folks are doing incredible work, restoring wetlands and migratory routes. Their work gives me hope and faith in the future.

What Are You Doing This Summer?
There are several events this summer that I will be a part of that are open to the public, from a writing retreat/ concert this weekend here in my hometown of Colrain, MA, to a Family Nature Camp in Bar Harbor, ME. Here's the beautiful space we're using at for the writing workshop and concert this weekend in Colrain, MA.
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Hope to see you this summer! View my calendar page for full listing of scheduled events. If you're interested in booking a program with me, write to

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