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April 2013/ Flirting with Spring

April 2013 Flirting with Spring

[This article is a lighthearted romp. I hope it lifts you up and makes you laugh, and helps you forget for a moment the sadder news of the day]

The first week of April I started to I hear reports. I saw the photos. And rather than joining in and celebrating the tide of Spring elsewhere, I felt jealousy. I usually am the one to advocate that we should try to appreciate and connect with nature no matter what the season. But here in the north, I felt more than a tinge of envy, if not impatience. I found myself yearning and longing, feeling more lust than appreciation.

It was as if she (the Spring) was taunting me, holding back and giving only so much, revealing only a small cluster of green here and there. Flirting with my heart. I felt frustration. "I know your tricks," I thought. "You'll show yourself ever so slightly. Skunk cabbage at first, bright and green in ravines in the woods. Faint chorus of spring peepers in the distance. Small shoots of day lilies. Catkins falling from trees."  

I started speaking like a poet from a bygone era, pouring all my repressed feelings of passion, jealously, lust and longing into the air. I found myself making promises. "When you come on full force I shall not take you for granted. I shall treasure your every tendril, gushing over each small bit of green as a promise of what is to come."  I took heart in the fact that if I were to wait, she would open, ever so slowly, yet with force, pushing through the ground, responding to the warmth of the sun.

Oh this makes me and giggle and gush.  

Spring is making me wait this year, and when she comes, I'll greet her with open arms and sweet relief. For today, I'll just remind myself, this is why I live in the north. For all four seasons in their full glory.

My Story
Flirting with Spring reminded me of when a participant in one of my writing workshops in Wyoming wrote about flushing a deer in the woods. She told about how that encounter filled her with a feeling of surprise, awe and wonder.

As a writer, I was drawn to the multiple meanings of the word "flush." How it is an action, but also a feeling.

For me, encounters with wild nature create that feeling of excitement that happens when you're surprised by something wonderful. I crave that feeling. I experience it in the Northeast sometimes, and with greater frequency in the wilder places in the West.

We need wild places, wild animals, and the wildness of Spring. To fill us with life, with passion and heart-stopping surprise.

Your story
Have you been flirting with Spring too? What have you seen outdoors lately that has woken up something inside you?  

Tell me below. I want to know. I won't be jealous, I promise.

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