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November 2012/ A Room of One's Own

November 2012 A Room of One039s Own
I've been reading a book called "House as a Mirror of Self" by Clare Cooper Marcus, which has greatly expanded my understanding of 'place' as it includes the built and home environments.

I was intrigued by the book as part of the preparation for the BIG change in my life: we've finally been able to renovate my office! (It's the one room that was never renovated and has had some problems I won't bore you with. The room has been redone top to bottom. New insulation, new windows, new hardwood floors and best of all it's got a door that closes. It's SO gorgeous, so tight and bright. Moving in has felt like getting the nursery ready. I can hardly wait to see all the work and creativity that will flourish in my beautiful new space!

The work was completed the day before Sandy was suppose to hit and the juxtaposition of finally gaining something I've waited so long for, and knowing it could all be swept away was not lost to me.

In-between checking to make sure we had enough soup and batteries, I kept doing little rituals to sooth myself: lighting a candle, playing soothing music, grabbing my teddy bear from the attic.

This is the new normal. Expect the best, but prepare for the worst. And in the meantime take care of yourself and each other. I am grateful to have a space that will support and nourish parts of me that haven't had that kind of space for a while. But we need to know how to do that no matter where we are.

So I wonder, do you have any rituals you do that soothe you and make you feel at home no matter what is going on?  I'd love to know! Post a comment or write me at

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