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[Being Here] Soulful Ways to Connect to Place

My intention with these posts is to communicate some of the ways I have been connecting to my sense of place. Hopefully they will inspire you and encourage you to stay soulfully connected to place.

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February 2012/Sending out Love

February 2012Sending out Love
It's been few months since I've posted my newsletter, so this month I'm recapping a bit below. I've missed writing my newsletter and am looking forward to staying in touch. Overall, I've been busy and I've been well.

One project that's kept me busy is I created 4 videos to help people get a taste of what it's like to come to one of my programs. In the process I sifted through lots of old photos and came across the one above. It was taken on a NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) trip when I was a high school student and aspiring wildlife field biologist. In the videos I included photos and footage from many of my adventures and events. So if you know me, don't be surprised if view them and find there's a picture of you too!

Fall/Winter Recap

  • A professional filmmaker came and filmed an interview and performance with me on top of Mount Sugarloaf in South Deerfield, MA one sunny afternoon.
  • I turned 50 and had the trip (and birthday) of a lifetime in enchanting Quebec City, which included staying in a castle and having a horse drawn carriage ride through town.  (Fabulous city for those who love history, culture, nature and great food.)  And ‘thank you’ to all who posted well wishes on Facebook! I was touched. Here’s those photos I promised I’d post

  • I started working on a cookbook with my Mom. I asked her to add a few stories---and she gave me 201 recipes and stories! (She’s quite the cook!) This gave me the secrets to her Thanksgiving kingdom, and together with Liz, we pulled off the whole meal for the family this year!
  • An exciting series of meetings and plans with the architects and landscape designer to restore and redesign our home. The hurricane, which took land away, but also opened up light and opportunities, has been a catalyst to make this sweet place better than ever.
  • Attended a celebration concert for my friend Bill Morrissey—one of my favorite songwriters of all times--- who passed away this summer. Line-up included Shawn Colvin, Patty Larkin and more. It was an awesome, healing event.

  • Created and edited 4 videos about my work.
  • Had the most lovely holiday I can remember, perhaps due to there being no expectations this year. Began with the unexpected delivery of baklava, then candlelit potato latkes party with friends, and invitation to be part of a 30 year Solstice storytelling tradition. And sweetest of all, making it to a Christmas eve service high up on a hill in a church from 1797 that is restored, lit only by kerosene lamps, heated only by wood stove, sound only from voices raised. It was a holiday filled with grace and light.
  • Finished videos and updates on website View videos!
  • Worked on getting our home ready for renovations

  • Sending out love!
  • Looking forward to my public concert and workshop in the Adirondacks on the 25th and 26th. Details here

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