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March 2011/Cure for Spring Fever

March 2011Cure for Spring Fever
Snow covers the ground and the brook is still frozen. But the longer days and maple sugar trees being tapped let us know Spring is coming. I find myself wanting to move and stretch and shake off winter, getting ready for Spring. Here's a few ideas if you find yourself wanting to get out of your "den"!  

Get out and dance
Check out this 33-second video clip put out by the USGS (United States Geological Survey.) I think it’s what bears are dreaming about right about now. It cracks me up EVERY time I watch it!
Here’s the link to their site too:

Gather with community
Go out and hear local music! Hint.Or attend a reading or talk in your town.

Read spring poems
One of my favorites is called “Spring” by Mary Oliver. Here it is on Garrison Keillor’s “Writers Almanac.”

Enjoy maple syrup
Bake and cook with maple syrup and think about the life force that is being awakened now in the trees by the sun.

Journal this
Seeds of awakening: Think about the seed of an idea you’ve had, one you feel stirring inside you. Draw a big seed on a piece of paper and write your idea in the middle of it. Write 3 steps you’ll take to nurture this seed and help it grow.

How do you cure your Spring Fever? Post a comment below!

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