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December 2010/ Bring Your Light

December 2010 Bring Your Light
Here is a piece of writing that sums up everything I could hope that someone might take away from one of my workshops.  It created by a participant during the Soulful Landscape Restorative Retreat that was held at the Murie Center in Jackson, WY this past October.

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"May I remember how important wildness is for my life, how it functions to ground me.
May I always make the time for reconnecting with the land.
May I make time to remember the times in my life where I felt powerful, happy, and whole.
May I take time to write about them, sing about them, draw them,
and make them something tangible that I can see daily.
May I celebrate the meaningful events in my life through art.
May I always remain curious and open to the world around me.
May I find the strength to fight for what I believe in.
May I begin to participate in changing the world."
by Marisa Alcorta, Sustainable Agriculture Specialist, Davis, California.

Try this: To celebrate this time of year, light a special candle and think about the light you'd like to bring into your life. Then ask yourself "What can I do to share my light with the world today?" (I find this to be a powerful antidote when I get too sad about the "state of the world.")

Read this: If you're interested in reading more about what this time of year means, there's a wonderful blog post up on my friend Lyn Dalebout's site. Not only is she a great astrologer, she's also a biologist and one of my favorite poets. Visit

Journal this: Write  a prayer. Begin each thought with "May I…"  Read it out loud to yourself or others. Post a comment below!

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