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February 2010/ Songs of Love

February 2010 Songs of Love
February is when owls and coyotes begin to rock and roll. Owls can be heard calling back and forth in the forests, and coyote tracks can be seen side by side. Both species are said to mate for life, and both are especially vocal during mating season.

We have our own winter courtship ritual called Valentine's Day. It's when we bring out shiny red things, present them to our loved ones for inspection, and do a little song and dance of our own to win or rekindle their hearts.

Listening to the Land
While much of nature appears to be dormant in February, life is beginning to stir all around us. The owls and coyotes can be heard calling out to each other in the night.  The bears wake briefly in their dens to give birth to their cubs. The sap in the maple trees is beginning to rise. We too are beginning to feel a stirring inside.

My Story
One my favorite memories from my teenage years is when I was part of a local Audubon Society Youth Group and we went on a owl watch camping trip. Bill, our trip leader, walked right up to a huge pine and said, "This looks like a great owl tree." He walked in under the skirt and said, "Yep, barred owl up here, come see." I was in awe that he knew where to look. Did he know about that owl ahead of time? All night we listened to owls calling back and forth and told stories around a campfire. It was unforgettable. I often think about that night when the woods are still and quiet. There's a lot more going on out there than we think.

Your Story
When a reporter asked me if I knew of anyone who had used my music as part of their courtship ritual, I thought I'd invite you to post your answers to that question! Has my music assisted your courtship in any way? Have you fallen in love at a concert? Proposed at a show? Asked me to play a song to try and woo a guy or girl? It would be SO fun to hear your stories! Please post them below, anonymously or not.

Try this:
Music and courtship: Revisit some music (even if it's not mine!) that has been significant in your courtship of someone. Let yourself experience those feelings all over again. Pull out those CD's and play them loud. Better yet, make a mix CD of songs from your courtship and give it to the one you love.

Owl walk: If you're lucky enough to have an Audubon or other nature center in your area, I'll bet they're having an owl walk this month. Take a look and see if you can go.

Chocolate: If you're going to give chocolate this month, try a brand that is shade-grown, organic and fair-trade. It's better for the birds, forests and farmers, and better for you. My two favorites are Black and Green 70% Dark Chocolate and Equal Exchange Very Dark 71%. Yum.

Let me know what you find! Post a comment below.

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