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April 2016: Spring Blossoms, 2 Free Concerts and National Park Programs

 April 2016 Spring Blossoms 2 Free Concerts and National Park Programs
Blossoms will be arriving any day now in Massachusetts... I know because I've seen your pictures on Facebook, my southern friends!

Some of my favorite flowers are the wild spring ephemerals. They are the first flowers to arrive in the woods. They burst through when things are just right, soaking up sunlight before  tree leaves shade the forest floor. They always seem so sweet and private to me. I feel like I almost have to whisper in their presence. I am drawn to politely lift up their shy bloom, acknowledge their beauty and move on.

Here's my spring wish for you: May the seeds you've been planting in your life start to blossom too!

All the best,

So far, this year feels like it has been filling up with blossoms of the seeds I have been planting for the past several years. A quick recap:

January: I played a local venue, offering my "Soulful Campfire Concert" and it was standing room only.

February: Participated in two Women's Wellness Weekend camps, offering my campfire concert and writing workshop.
Offered my training for the National Park Service at the National Mall and Memorial Parks in Washington DC. The setting for our classroom was in the basement of the Jefferson Memorial! On the feedback form, one ranger who has been with the park service many years wrote, "I would definitely recommend this component to all career NPS interpreters."  

March: Offered two webinars about fostering a sense of place and creating engaging visitor experiences, one for the National Park Service and one for the New England Museum Association. You can watch the latter here .

April: Earlier this month I gave a training at Historic Deerfield, in Deerfield, MA.
Soon I'm headed off to Salem, MA for another training. I will say, one of my favorite parts about doing these professional development programs is the research. I visit the sites, take tours and learn all I can to get my own 'sense' of each place so I can customize each program. That is so much fun.

With that, I'll let you know I have an exciting schedule of programs coming up. Many trainings, as well as two FREE public concerts. See below.

Spring/Summer 2016
Public Events
05/21 Biodiversity Festival, Bio Blitz, Constitution Gardens, Washington DC, 2 p.m. Free.
06/29 Concert, Salt Pond Visitor's Center, Cape Cod National Seashore, Eastham, MA, 7p.m. Free.

Interpretive Trainings (Staff Programs)
04/26 Salem Maritime National Historic Site & Saugus Iron Mill National Historic Site, Salem, MA
04/30 National Mall and Memorial Parks, Washington DC
05/05 Castle in the Clouds Historic House, Moultonborough, NH
05/10 Springfield Armory National Historic Site & Coltsville National Historic Park, Springfield, MA
06/10 Gateway National Recreation Area, Staten Island, NY
06/29 Cape Cod National Seashore, Eastham, MA
7/21 & 22 Youth Conservation Corps, The Trustees of Reservations, New Bedford, MA

Your event?
Last summer I had a blast offering a backyard Soulful Campfire Concert for a friend of a friend. They put together a gourmet s'more buffet, and I brought a customized set of songs. The host wrote, "Erica's Soulful Campfire added magic to our 60th Birthday celebration. Her pre-party, insightful questions about the birthday girl helped her customize a concert to honor her. It was the highlight of the party for everyone in attendance." It's easy to do one. Is your backyard or living room next?

So, if you're interested in learning more about the trainings, or interested in hosting an event such as a workshop or performance, write to me.

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