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December 2015/ Solstice mp3 + gifts + January concerts and retreats in New England

December 2015 Solstice mp3  gifts  January concerts and retreats in New England

It's winter solstice, that magical journey of the longest night of the year, and of  welcoming returning sun. A great time to curl up with candles, music and spend time with those you love or with your own sweet self in quiet reflection. Here's some free gifts to nourish you on the journey!

Some gifts for you!
  1. If you're new here, I always give this song away for solstice! It's my version of Gordon Lightfoot's "Song for a Winter's Night" from the 2002 Signature Sounds  recording "Wonderland." Free mp3 of my song here: You can purchase the whole disc on the Signature Sounds website—it's full of great artists and songs here
  2. Paul Winter generously gives away a free download of his winter solstice concert in NYC each year. It's a fantastic musical journey with different artists each year. You can download it here
  3. Danielle LaPort is a wonderful writer and soul sister..., and she's giving away a bundle on her site. She's great for you if you're feeling like reflecting on your life and dreams, and you will love this: She's giving away her digital books and workbooks for free here

Wishing you a magical holiday season.

Live Webinar for the National Park Service: Mastering the Art of Interpretation: A Sense of Place Perspective. (Write me for details if you want to join us. It's free!)

22 & 23
Women's Wellness Weekend, Beckett, MA YMCA  Wonderful women + concert, workshops, hikes, crafts. Fun! Registration for the weekend info here

Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, Lenox MA, Evening Concert.  For registered guests. Info

Mocha Maya's, Shelburne Falls, MA. 8 pm, Tickets $15 (buy early—only 40 seat room!) Info here

Coming up
February 16,17, Facilitating my training for National Park Service Interpreters, National Mall and Memorials Parks, Washington, DC
April 26,  Facilitating my training for National Park Service Interpreters, Salem Maritime National Historic Site, Salem, MA

More to come!

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