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Pioneer Valley Institute
Workshop & Concert
Colrain, MA

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"Her songs measure the cost of urban sprawl not in terms of species endangered, but in memories lost. Her lyrics evoke all the trails we've hiked, the streams swum, the trees climbed, and all the moments of growth enjoyed there--the silent epiphanies, the stolen kisses--without ever sounding preachy. But when she drops the truism "Your children won't know (the land) the way I did," suddenly your local zoning battle may seem a little more interesting."
Yankee Magazine

Programs to

  • Empower your creative voice
  • Feed your soul
  • Evoke personal stories of place and belonging
  • Celebrate places
  • Create community
  • Inspire engagement in stewardship
Workshops to boost your creativity. From introductory to in-depth formats
Sense-of-Place Journal Writing and Reflection For all levels of experience.
Learn a simple yet powerful 3-part journal activity to help you see your life through new eyes. Explore inner and outer landscapes that provide insight to who you really are. Using reflections about nature, history, place and personal experiences, you’ll create a “touchstone” story that recharges you. You’ll see your past and present with greater clarity and discover connections between your inner and outer landscapes you may have long forgotten. Experience the healing power of place and story to make more sense of your life. Leave uplifted, recharged and inspired.

Sense of Place and Stewardship
Erica offers this program to help people take their sense-of-place connections to make a difference in the world. Begins with her core writing prompts and practices that create a deeper connection between people and place. Dives deeper into how to create stories about places that you care deeply about, and how to best communicate that caring to others. For more details, please inquire.
"I loved Erica Wheeler's workshop in the woods, "Discover Your Personal Sense of Place Through Writing and Reflection." She created a safe and supportive environment for participants to write about the places that move them, that make them feel human, that anchor them in time and space. At the end of the 3- part writing prompt,I had enough material to write several powerful essays as well as a new idea for an inspirational card deck. If that wasn't enough, Erica listened to what I wrote and in less than a minute had whipped up a terrific song.If anyone can rally the preservation troops to get "a sense of place" off the endangered species list, it's Erica Wheeler."
Giulietta "Julie" Nardone, Participant, Upton Forest State Park, MA
Sense of Place Performances to Inspire and Entertain
Sense of Place Concerts From intimate gatherings to grand ballrooms
Erica's performances are a concert plus. They include songs, stories and reflections, plus a customized sense-of-place narrative that weaves throughout.

Join her as she takes you on a journey across the American landscape and the lives lived there, and as she leads you to discover your own stories of connection to places. You'll come away recharged, having discovered stories inside you may have long forgotten, or never knew you had.

Erica is an award-winning singer/songwriter with six CD's to her credit, and has toured nationally for over two decades. Best known for her poetic, visually-inspired lyrics, engaging storytelling and wry sense of humor, she brings a keen awareness of what is special about places, creating a fresh, artistic narrative that helps us see familiar places through new eyes. Her music is folk/americana, her songwriting is visual, poetic and 'cinema-graphic.' Her performance style is warm and entertaining. Her. latest CD "Good Summer Rain" was sponsored in part by the Trust for Public Land, a national land conservation organization.

Sense of Place Guest Lectures
Erica combines her talents as a performing artist with her passion for nature, history and culture to offer a unique sense-of-place performance. In addition to a sense-of-place narrative about your place or region, she weaves in the real message of a sponsoring group or organization, bringing to life the message behind their work, and inspiring participation and action.

Songs-on-the Spot
A very popular element of Erica's in-person workshops and live performances is when she collaborates with attendees to write a song-on-the-spot. These ephemeral jewels create a collective experience of the moment, deepening everyone's appreciation for the time spent together and the memories made.
"Living in one of the most magnificent landscapes in the world and I pride myself on the many ways that I appreciate and value this gift of place. Often my attempts to capture the wonder of what I see on film barely begin to do it justice. But when Erica Wheeler comes to town, her passion to give voice to this land and to stretch our hearts wide open is beyond inspiring. I believe we all come away craving an even deeper relationship with, and a renewed passion for our wilderness home. Erica is blessed with a life purpose that encourages us all to strengthen and "step up" our commitment to place. I know that after I've been with her, I am more keen, more grateful and more enlivened on my path as a proper steward of the land."
Laurie Shepherd Brown,Attendee Life Coach and Integrative Health Consultant, Jackson, WY

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