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Trainings for Educators

Everglades National Park
Training for Educators

"The Workshop with Erica Wheeler was Powerful! Erica is a wonderfully accessible facilitator. This kind of reflective and personal workshop is key to our own well being, personal and professional sustainability."
Participant, Promise of Place Conference

This structred, creative process helps teachers discover thier own sense of place stories, so they can help their students do the same. Educational, enjoyable and enriching, begins with presentation that explores the connection between place-based arts and stewardship.

Learn from a sense-of-place artist with over 30 years of experience, who combines science, nature, history and the arts. Take away a toolkit of useful practices you can apply to your classroom right away. Leave rejuvenated, uplifted and with a restored capacity to do your work.

  • Learn a process to for integrating science, nature, history and the arts.
  • Gain toolkit of practices  to help students make connections between their personal experiences and academic work.
  • Grow in a supportive, welcoming atmosphere
  • Find your own stories of place and belonging. (Espeically if you think you’re not the creative type!)

Selected Educators Trainings & Conferences
Everglades National Park, Hidden Lake Camp, FL
Teton Science School, Teacher Learning Center, Kelly, WY
Walden Woods Project, Approaching Walden, Lincoln, MA
EEA, Environmental Educational Alliance of Georgia Annual Conference, GA
MEES, Massachusetts Environmental Education Society Conference, MA
NEEEA, New England Environmental Education Alliance Conference, RI

Evaluation Comments| Educator's Training with Erica Wheeler

  • Thanks for the inspiration! The courage to process in this way---bridging the scientific and logical with the emotional and experiential was so inspiring.” Participant, Teton Science School, Kelly, WY
  • “Surpassed my expectations.”  Participant, Approaching Walden, Lincoln, MA
  • "In addition to your skills, which are wonderful, your presence is full of warmth, acceptance and humor. Love to see you again.”
  • “I gained new thoughts about how I can implement nature Journaling into my classroom and new ideas to activate my students.”
  • “I am definitely going to implement these activities with my students. I think it’s a great way to start out the school year, by getting my students connected to place."
  • “Affirmed the work I have been doing with students over the past two years.”
  • “The internal vs. external idea is useful—surprised how simple yet solid way to sort things out.”
  • “Enjoyed reflection time and renewed inspiration”
  • “You’ve reinforced my growing inclination to work more creative exercises and experiences into my teaching and field programs. Great reading and new resources. You have a wonderful presence with your students, and model that beautifully for the rest of us.”
  • “I was delighted by the use of art/song/writing to explore self and environment.”
  • “I loved the putting stories to music! That was phenomenal and so well done & creative & inspiring. Thank you!”
  • “The sensory activity at the pond is one I might use with the children I teach, but most importantly, I remembered that I’m a better teacher when I spend time nourishing my soul/spirit. It was also such a treat to hear the songs. Music has a way of reaching a special place.”
  • “The writing prompts were very helpful. I would like to spend more time doing this kind of reflective writing on my own, but struggle with self-discipline."
  • “I loved this. I totally seen the connection between what Erica did and connecting Walden to my students.”
  • “Superb—it gave me an idea for a lesson plan in my curriculum unit.”
  • “Amazing! Extremely relevant, easily adaptable and useable.”
  • “Good examples of how to get students to brainstorm about themselves & place.”
  • “Useful insights into different methods of getting students to be more observant of the world around them.”
  • “Nice connector for the English classroom tote in nature/external experiences.”
  • “I loved the whole thing. I hope to be in touch and find a way to bring you into my classroom.”
  • Good reminder about how we teach and why and what we want the student to gain. We get too caught up in the standards and the frantic pace of life.
  • Reminder of the importance of connecting to sense of place---that sometimes gets lost in my everyday life.
  • I loved every minute of your workshop. I found the writing exercise extremely helpful.
  • I’m going to start writing about my place. I’m going to publish my dissertation I wrote in 1993. The importance of place is now my passion.
  • I will go home and write about my place, which is physically gone to me. Also other places so I don’t lose them too.
  • Now see how much art, music, photography can expose environmental issues/conservation
  • Thoughtfully executed and designed.
  • Surpassed my expectations.
  • Enjoyable and welcoming.
  • Less intimidating than I thought. Touching. Fun.
  • Liked gathering together in this way and not being dry and professional
  • Thanks for the inspiration! The courage to process in this way---bridging the scientific and logical with the emotional and experiential was so inspiring.
  • I appreciated being given time to experience the tools rather than just being shown them....
  • Encouraged me to get back into the habit of feeding my creative side, to nurturing other dimensions of my life.
  • Writing on the spot felt good! With the prompts the words came rushing out. Not frightening like I thought it would be.
  • Your third writing prompt question was such a surprise---it sent a shock of clarity through me.
  • I don’t always like to share, but I enjoy hearing people speak honestly about themselves.
  • The workshop was insightful, the free write was therapeutic. It was inspiring how our writing on place was connected to our writing about our lives---really powerful experience.
  • I just wish I had more time with you. Thank you so much for the space and time to write like that, even for a short session. It was incredibly powerful.
  • This workshop was exactly what I needed! I was enraptured and so moved by your songs. The writing activity was very affirming. A strong reminder ofwhy I do what I do.
  • A good way to inspire learning in myself and the kids I work with.
  • New skills for connecting to nature to my students who are rarely exposed to it.
  • Unique methods for children to write about themselves in ways they may not normally do.
  • Feel more prepared to lead journaling with kids and more free to express myself.
  • How to use songwriting in environmental education, and ways to involve kids in writing.
  • I gained an appreciation for nature. I connected it to my life.

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