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 Public Outreach amp Engagement

Sonoma Land Trust, CA

Erica partners with organizations, learning centers and interpretive sites, such as parks, museums and others, whose mission includes offering programs that deeply connect people and place.

Her work powerfully engages both community members and stakeholders to evoke their authentic personal connection with places, helping to inspire stewardship and take to heart the impact and message of your work.

She has offered outreach and engagement programs with groups across the country, from small, intimate gatherings to large national events, working with the public, board members, staff and volunteers.

Through these programs, participants:
  • Connect authentically to the places they care for
  • Gain tools or inspiration to explore and express their connection to place
  • Reawaken their motivation as stewards of our natural and cultural resources
  • Learn how to inspire others to care about place
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Calendar of Events Programs to Annual Meetings or Special Milestones

Honor and celebrate your organization, its achievements and the people whose work make it possible. Share this work with many layers of your community through a single event, or a multiple event residency.
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  • Board meetings
  • Fundraisers and Appreciation Event
  • Dinners and galas
  • VIP gatherings
  • Retreats
  • Public Concert
  • Public Workshop
  • Professional Development Trainings
  • School Programs
  • Interpretive Guided Walk
"We invited Erica out for a week to help celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Big Sur Land Trust with a variety of events. Her positive impact reverberated throughout our community and continues to this day. Erica's ability to connect people and place beautifully aligned with our mission to strengthen communities and inspire stewardship" Bill Leahy, Executive Director, Big Sur Land Trust, CA

Organizations that partner with Erica for Outreach and Education:
  • Attract a new and diverse audience of visitors and supporters (Especially those who may not generally visit a natural or historic site)
  • Connect and engage their community of stakeholders
  • Increase public support for your work and organization
  • Expand reach of education programming
  • Generate positive media exposure
  • Motivate engagement in stewardship of natural and cultural resources
  • Inspire and engage staff and volunteers

"Particularly well suited for land trusts and other conservation organizations, as her art is intimately tied to the landscape and the sense of identity people derive from their surroundings." Leigh Youngblood, Executive Director, Mount Grace Land Trust, MA

"The program at Belmont on Saturday was an enriching experience for me and others I talked to at the event.  Thank you so much for putting a great deal of thought and creativity into the event...The arrangements, refreshments, and informal tour were all " value-added" and a real treat. Erica Wheeler and her music were the icing on the cake. I bought all her CD's and found her lyrics and style so on-point for the event, thank you again." Howard County Maryland
"Partners in the Parks" Celebration

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Watch how this video helps spread the message through the use of Ericas Song. Seems like a perfect match,

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