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Attend a Public Event
Attend a live event, such as a creative workshop or concert.
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Bring me to your place to offer a program for your community, event or organization. Learn more about each program through the links.
Interpretive Trainings

Youth Development & Academic

Public Outreach & Special Events

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Working Together

These programs can work equally well in all settings: from urban, wild or rural settings, to everywhere in-between. Each program is customized to highlight the unique characteristics of your place or region and to suit your target audience/age group.

Events can work with your format ( calendar of events, series programs, festivals and annual events) or we can create a unique special or "stand alone" event. Multiple-day options and packages also available.  

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Contact Erica directly to find a program that suits your needs and budget.

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Workshop/Training Intro video 2

Keynote / Concert Performance Intro video 3

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