Erica Wheeler: inspiring connections between people and place

"Of all the memberships we identify ourselves by
the one thing that is most forgotten, and
that has the greatest potential for healing, is place"
Gary Snyder, Poet & Author

Find your sense of place stories.

Discover a way to connect with a part of yourself you may have been longing for without knowing what to call it. I call it soulfully connecting to place,

Whether you are an individual or an organization, the tools and techniques I offer can work for you. They have been proven effective for all levels of experience and all settings, from the wilderness to urban parks, historic houses and military sites.

The Soulful Stewardship Method

What is the Soulful Stewardship Method?  It's the powerful process I offer during my hands-on trainings and seminars to help sites discover compelling narratives that better connect people and place. It's also the customized narrative journey I create for performances and workshops to evoke sense of place and belonging in attendees.

Why the Soulful Steward Method? Because from personal stories of connection comes caring, which leads to stewardship, which means not just enjoying places today, but taking care of places for the future.

Because everyone has stories of meaningful connections to places inside them waiting to be remembered, evoked and restored. Those stories are what inspire caring and action.

Start the connection:

Get soulfully connected to nature, history, place, and your creativity no matter where you are.
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"You are missing out if you aren't trying to book Erica for your upcoming workshop or training event. Her work with the ‘sense of place’ concept through her Soulful Landscape workshop provides excellent hands-on exercises in an area that is an area that is so often perceived as intangible, while her keynote was just the dose of inspiration we needed." Kelly Ferrell, Assistant Chief of Interpretation, Arkansas State Parks

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