Erica Wheeler: inspiring connections between people and place

"Of all the memberships we identify ourselves by the one thing that is most forgotten,
and that has the greatest potential for healing, is place"
Gary Snyder

Erica Wheeler is a professional educator, speaker and performer. She specializes in sense of place programs and interpretation. She’s also an award-winning songwriter.
On this site you can learn more about Erica and her soulful stewardship philosophy and method. You can explore her work and ideas through reading her blog, watching her videos or listening to her music.

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"You are missing out if you aren't trying to book Erica for your upcoming workshop or training event. Her work with the ‘sense of place’ concept through her Soulful Landscape workshop provides excellent hands-on exercises in an area that is so often perceived as intangible, while her keynote was just the dose of inspiration we needed." Kelly Farrell, Assistant Chief of Interpretation, Arkansas State Parks

"I would definitely recommend this component to all career NPS interpreters." Training Participant, National Mall and Memorial Parks, Washington, DC

"Erica creates a kind of alchemy in the room where even the most timid of us is inspired to find the writer within. She gave us new tools and reminded me of tools I once knew and had long forgotten. She inspired me to get back to an interpretive project I had put aside which I am now working on with renewed enthusiasm and focus.” Julia Clebsch, Training Participant, National Association for Interpretation

"In the hour she spoke and sang for us, she had all of us in the room reconnected to the land, to our special memories, and to our passion for the work." Lee Hayes, Vice President, Sippican Land Trust, MA

Find yourself rooted in nature, history, story and place.

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From keynotes and concerts, to trainings, workshops and seminars,  you'll experience a creative journey that sparks that personal connection to place, and find the stories inside you, and the stories in your surroundings.

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Open your eyes to see the world through a “sense of place” lens. Read personal stories and tips I share on my blog and newsletter. Gain ideas and then  start sussing out your sense of self, place and purpose. Or just soak up some place-based music here.

Because everyone has sense of place stories.

They may never have called them that, but  everyone has stories of place and belonging waiting be evoked and remembered.

Giving voice to these stories is crucial for the future of the places we love, as well of those that need our care and attention. And it's crucial for our personal and collective sense of well being.

In a nutshell: Personal stories of connection leads to caring, which leads to stewardship.

Discovering your sense of place stories can be like finding a doorway into your creativity and soul. It can help you make sense of your life and your surroundings, making your life more meaningful and providing a foundation from which take action, and make a difference in the world.

Watch Erica's TEDx talk here:

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