Erica Wheeler: inspiring connections between people and place

Every place has a story.

Those stories are your stories, and getting to know a place is like finding a direct doorway to the answer of how to make sense of your life. Past, present and future.

After all, as Wendell Berry says, “If you don’t know where you are, you don’t know who are.” The cool part is, you can uncover who you are, and gain a sense of place and belonging—mentally or physically, anywhere.

For better or worse, we have feelings about places. And we have choices. Stay. Go. Protect. Use. Ignore. Cherish. Love.

Where are you from?

That simple question carries less weight today than it once did. (Hint: It’s more than your sports team or regional cuisine.)

Since our lives are so fast-paced and we move around so much, sometimes places feel like just another stop along the way, or a drop in the bucket list, instead of a place where we can feel a connection, or put down roots. (And for a lot of us, our roots have never taken hold anywhere at all.) Our personal bond with places have gone missing.

It’s a travesty.

Because places need us, and we need places. And yet the disconnect between who people are and where they are  is a big reason why many places aren’t getting the attention, protection, preservation and restoration they so desperately deserve (and need). Finding that connection again, and discovering what we really value along the way, inspires action.

Places have a language, if you listen.

And when you inhale those languages, let them seep into your bones and bring about change, you’ll find you’re finally able to exhale. Grounded. Centered. Whole. That feeling of connection that we’re yearning for, but don’t even know how to name.

This work gives you the language. And better yet, you don’t need to be "a creative, expressive type" to find those words. You already have the connection. You don’t need to be  a wiz bang "scientific researcher" or "PhD historian", or a even a "storyteller". You just have to be open to listening to the language of place.

Ways to get rooted in nature,

heritage and your sense of self:

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Places speak to us. They want us to know them. Let’s look for ways to listen.

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