Erica Wheeler: inspiring connections between people and place

Your sense of place is as unique as you are.

It's your own combination of story, memory, knowlege and expereince.

Feeling a sense of place is something that can go missing in our fast-paced, modern, busy lives. It may show up as a yearning that you can't define, or don't  know what to call it.

I call it soulfully connecting to place and
have developed "The Soulful Stewardship Method" to guide your way.

Learning about the layers of nature, history and meaning that make up a place can give you a feeling of belonging and rootedness that is unexpectedly nourishing, Wherever you are, your sense of place can be discovered, evoked and restored. My approach is creative, pratical and uplifting.

Programs and Tools to Recharge your Spirit and Connect you to Nature, History and A Sense of Place

Working with the sense-of-place concept for over 30 years, I have helped individuals, agencies and organizations across North America to enrich their lives, their work and their mission. I offer customized sense-of-place keynotes, concerts, trainings, workshops and seminars that help people discover their personal connections to place.

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Every place has a story. There is a language to that story if you listen. Your stories, knowledge and experiences create your sense of place.

Your place might be urban or wild or everything inbetween. It  might be brand new to you, or where you have lived (or visited) all your life.  You'll gain all the tools and inspiration you need to find your connection to places. Small or large, it's a  journey that will recharge your spirit and to jumpstart your creativity, (especially if you think you're not the creative type!)

This work has proven to generate fresh ideas, spark a new ways of seeing the world, and foster the kind of passion that leads to action, and engagement in stewardship.

You can start your journey today by downloading a copy of my free e-book "Seven Soulful Ways to Connect to Place"!

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Looking for a creative way to recharge your passion and restore your spirit?

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